EOSA | New EOSA Member: Turkish Akçay Group/Akofis
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New EOSA Member: Turkish Akçay Group/Akofis

After a 12 month aspirant membership, our Turkish member Akçay Group/Akofis, located in Istanbul applied for the full membership in EOSA.

Cengiz Akçay, the owner of the group emphasizes the excellent support of the EOSA organization and its members to support the Akçay Group in expanding their strong position in the fast growing Turkish market. EOSA has the right projects in place to support the Akçay Group in the expanding process in this difficult local market. Cengiz further pointed out: “As an independent company it is essential to benefit from the power of the European Office Supplies Alliance (EOSA) to compete against the Globals and the small local businesses.

The group is family owned and covers the entire territory of Turkey with a strong focus in the Marmara region. Akçay Group acts as retailer and wholesaler. This includes 7 stores, an attractive B2B on line/catalogue business and export activities.

EOSA is proud having the leading independent stationary supplier in Turkey now as a full member in the alliance.

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