EOSA is a leading membership of Pan-European Office Suppliers and Business Services
European office supplies alliance, EOSA
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The strength
of the alliance is
the combined
power of the

The European Office Supplies Alliance (EOSA ), founded in 2002, is a partnership of 14 European office products companies with the mission to promote sales development, product innovation and sourcing and purchasing savings.



The strength of the alliance resides in its membership:

  • All alliance members are independent and leading companies in their respective national market.

  • The alliance, with a combined turnover in excess of > 700 Million EU (2018), is ranked as a leading partner in the European office products industry.



  • Our core expertise is working with our EOSA partners in Europe

  • The EOSA partners are medium / large European companies that join together the strengths and knowledge to create a better competitive position in the world of office supplies

  • Sustainable Savings – be Green!

  • EOSA delivers real savings through pro-active purchasing

  • Leading brands and EOSA brand A series

The Structure of EOSA


Our structure enables us to operate an efficient company to effectively manage your requirements, we are a single legal entity with representatives from each of our members contributing to the overall organisation of EOSA .

Our fundament is based in 3 rules


  • The Buying Power of EOSA members as a group

  • Sharing Market knowledge & networks

  • Friendship and Trust between the EOSA members