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EOSA is a leading membership of Pan-European Office Suppliers and Business Services
European office supplies alliance, EOSA
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Sustainability –

We supply a wide range of products, sourced from a large supplier base located all over the world. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers maintain ethical and sustainable business practices. All of our suppliers are required to demonstrate a commitment to improving environmental performance and using recycled materials wherever possible.


Each supplier must complete an environmental questionnaire to help us assess its credentials. Our Purchasing Teams undertake on-site visits to all of our major suppliers to ensure that they are meeting their commitments.


“We work only with selected ethical suppliers”


Our environmentally friendly approach is in all our interests. The main highlights of our ecological approach are:

Efficient routes for deliveries
We take the shortest and therefore most efficient routes for delivering in your area. For major customers we can deliver to a distribution centre on specific days (fixed-interval delivery).


Closed partnership with our suppliers
We work constantly with our suppliers to focus on their ecological engagement.


Environmentally-preferred products
EOSA members offer a choice of environmentally-preferred products. We shall continue to work with suppliers and customers to identify products that can be added to the range.


Offer of Rebuilt Products of inks and toners
We offer a wide range of perfect recycled inks and toner products within our a-Series products.


Free Returns Service for Toners and Inks
We show our strong commitment to the environment by taking back toner and ink cartridges. We work with partners to re-use the central units and still guarantee perfect quality. Whilst a return sticker is attached to toners and cartridges, we also organise a carrier to takeback larger quantities.


Waste Managements
We are dilligent within our own organisation with the separation of waste and also collection for recycling materials, such as paper.


Environmental Law
The respect of all valid environmental laws is a requirement of all Partner members.


ISO 14001 Certification
It is the policy of EOSA that members are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified or have an ongoing project working towards certification.

a-Series ECO


EOSA developped an environmentally-friendly product offering under the brand: a-Series ECO.
These products are manufactured using recycled materials, such as plastics and paper.


High Quality Selection Criteria


Adhesives: The requirements are to be solvent free and free from toxic materials with product information and clear instructions for use and disposal. Recycled packaging and the nature of the container are also assessed.

Approved ecolabels on papers such as: EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Certification, PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes.