EOSA | New EOSA Member: Lomax A/S
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New EOSA Member: Lomax A/S

EOSA are happy to announce that Lomax A/S is now a member of EOSA. Based in Frederikssund, Denmark, Lomax A/S ships a wide product range to commercial and private customers in Denmark and Sweden. Reaching an annual turnover of more than € 64 million, Lomax’s 130 employees excel at providing exceptional service and guaranteeing high customer satisfaction. Lomax A/S already joined EOSA in 2019 and has been a very active member so far, joining several contracts with some of our biggest suppliers and sharing great ideas and knowledge with their EOSA partners. We are confident to have found a great member to strengthen EOSA in Denmark and Sweden and are looking forward to our future together with Lomax A/S.

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