EOSA | Lomax wins EOPA award for Reseller of the Year
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Lomax wins EOPA award for Reseller of the Year

EOSA would like to congratulate its member Lomax, CEO Kenneth Borup, and the whole Lomax Team on winning the EOPA award for Reseller of the Year (Resellers <100m €). We are confident the award committee made the right choice in awarding Lomax and are more than happy to call Lomax an EOSA member. Our CEO, Philip Becker, was able to present the award to Kenneth on stage, which made us especially proud. The award comes as a confirmation for the hard work everyone at Lomax is doing and is a symbol for their leading approaches to several topics, ranging from sourcing over marketing to sustainability. We are happy to continue the good work with Lomax and are looking forward to our time ahead together.

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